Gaensel Energy Group, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: GEGR) interview with Mr. Peter Koley, CFO


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Gawensel Energy Group, Inc.’s (OTCPink:GEGR) Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Peter Koley, joins New to the Street TV show and provides an interview with TV host Jane King, giving the TV viewers specific details about the Company’s comprehensive finance modeling, as it pertains to growth companies positioned in the global marketplace. With years of international business acumen, Mr. Koley provides the focus of GEGR’s business in providing capital investments for small to midsize entities. He offers insight into the Company’s recent press release, about GEGR taking a 40% shareholder stake in MonFerr SRL, and tells why this recent transaction is a perfect example of how Gansel operates its business. Most small to medium size business have cash-flow problems but they have sustainable and growing businesses, Mr. Koley explains how Gansel provides capital solutions which are otherwise not obtainable through conventional legacy financial options. The Board of Directors at Gansel Energy Group each have unique business acumens which complement the existing ang growing business, and each provides their expertise in making decision on capital transaction with the objective to be accretive to the bottom-line at GEGR. Mr. Colley see a bright and exciting future for GEGR and its shareholders as they continue to grow their business both in Italy and internationally.

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