Ford Motor Company’s (NYSE: F) ($F) interview with Jasen Turnbull, F-150 Lightning Marketing Manager, and Laura Reynolds, CarPro Automotive Reporter


Ford Motor Company’s Jasen Turnbull, F-150 Lightning Marketing Manager, sits with Laura Reynolds, CarPro Automotive Reporter, and Jane King, TV Host at New to The Street. From the New York Stock Exchange studio, Jasen talks about Ford Motor Company’s huge accomplishment in delivering the all-electric F-150 Lightning Pick-Up Truck to market. After multi-years in development, the F-150 Lightning came to the automotive marketplace, now completely sold out. Jasen informs viewers that Ford added a third production shift because of “Red Hot” demand and is ramping up production to meet or exceed 150,000 units. The Lighting, packed with many technological advancements, looked at everything during its development stages to give its customers a unique, efficient, and fun driving experience. The Lightning comes with the Ford Blue Cruise feature that offers hands-free driving and self-adapting to road conditions when activated. The truck’s real-time Ford-exclusive Intelligent Range technology calculates multiple variables giving a driver information on battery range and charging station locations. The truck offers 10,000 pounds towing and 2,000 pounds hauling capacities, a 5 ½ footbed, and a front Mega Power Frunk trunk space. Five people fit comfortably, and the cab offers foldable workspace features for mobile office uses. Commercial fleet owners can get real-time information on each truck giving businesses ample information on truck performances and locations. The F-150 Lightning Pro Power Onboard gives the truck 10 – 120V AC and 1 – 240V AC outlets, used for various mobile applications from off-site events to powering homes during electricity outages. Ford gives individuals and business customers fantastic customer service resources, helping with the right type of charging stations to install and service locations as needed. Ford Motor Company continues to invest in its future, with an expected $50B to be spent through 2026 and will open a new production EV facility in Kentucky. The Company believes it will have about 2M electric vehicles on the road in the next couple of years. Throughout the interview, stream pictures of the F-150 Lightning give viewers an interior/exterior look at the truck. Retail orders for the 2023 model year can be made through local Ford dealerships and on The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit  Ford Motor Company –

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