FINXFLO’s (CRYPTO: FXF)($FXF) interview, James Gillingham, CEO


Welcome back on New to The Street TV show is James Gillingham, CEO, FINXFLO (CRYPTO: FXF)($FXF), explaining the world’s first hybrid DeFi/CeFi liquidity aggregator that uses different crypto exchanges with best price executions. FINXFLO has 18 other exchanges integrated into their platform. James tells viewers that FINXFLO now has 300 new trading assets available, new trade station features, better execution prices, and ZERO trading fees. With a global network of liquidity providers, FINXFLO is confident cryptocurrency traders will benefit even more from ZERO Trading Fees, some of the deepest in-market liquidity, and highly competitive, best available prices. In past geopolitical issues, fiat currencies were the flight to safety; James sees changing perceptions from the Ukraine-Russian War. Crypto and GOLD appear to be the new flight to safety. President Biden’s Executive Order is a positive for the industry, giving current and future crypto users confidence and increasing acceptances. As crypto activities become more accepted worldwide, FINXFLO will surely benefit. FINXFLO’s proprietary algorithm distributes customer orders across multiple exchanges to retrieve optimal buy and sell prices with minimal slippage. Get started trading, download the FINXFLO mobile app, available on IOS and Google android.

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