Fantom Foundation’s (CRYPTO: FTM) ($FTM) interview with Professor Bernhard Scholz, Ph.D., Chief Research Officer (CRO).


Professor Bernhard Scholz, Ph.D., the Chief Research Officer (CRO) at Fantom Foundation (CRYPTO: FTM) ($FTM) (“Fantom”) and a professor at the University of Sydney, Australia, talks with TV Host Jane King. Fantom is a layer-1 blockchain that uses Lachesis’ aBFT (asynchronous Byzantine Fault-Tolerant) consensus algorithm, allowing multiple DeFi Smart Contracts and other transactions to be executed efficiently and timely with lower transactional fees. Bernhard explains the evolution of the blockchain industry, which started shortly after the global financial crisis in 2008. Bitcoin appeared as a new monetary platform; a secure distributed ledger based on complicated mathematical combinations. Popularity multiplied, and even today, $BTC is a reliable cryptocurrency. In 2015, Ethereum appeared in the crypto industry, a unique blockchain with attributes that can program money and automate financial transactions on a DeFi platform. As Fantom’s CRO, Bernhard is opening a research lab to continue to grow $FTM’s blockchain innovations, looking to create exciting new uses. Anyone can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrencies with plenty of reliable sources on the internet and YouTube videos. Still, for detailed system understanding, most might need a formal education in Computer Science. The Fantom Foundation platform ecosystem sees its speed, security, and scalability as some of its main attributes that attract end-users. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Fantom Foundation –

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