Eternalus Technologies’ and Nemesis Downfall Studios’ (CRYPTO: $NMSIS) ($NMSIS) interview with Cam Geary, CEO – Eternalus Technologies and Co-founder -Nemesis Downfall Studios.


New to The Street TV Host Jane King sits down with Cam Geary, CEO at Eternalus  Technologies and Co-Founder at Nemesis Downfall Studios (CRYPTO: $NMSIS) ($NMSIS). During Cam’s in-studio Nasdaq Marketplace interview, viewers learn about Eternalus Technologies’ (“Eternalus”) and Nemesis Downfall Studios’ (“Nemesis”) business platforms. Eternalus is developing a digital trading platform to buy and sell everything in a physical state of existence. Their goal is to become the “Amazon” of the blockchain world. Eternalus expects to be a significant player using a centralized digital exchange and an eCommerce platform. Cam gives an example of a transaction where a buy and seller decide to take Apple shares over a sale of an iPhone. Currently, it is impossible to do such a transaction, but in the near term, Eternalus expects to be able to allow end-users that capability. Eternalus enables end-users on their platform to buy/sell anything and use any crypto, equity, hard assets, and commodities to facilitate a transaction. Cam expects that everything will become tokenized using smart contracts, and his team positioned themselves to take advantage of this forthcoming commerce method. Brand recognition on how Binance markets itself is something Eternalus expects to obtain. The Eternalus Exchange is launching in August 2022, and the Eternalus eCommerce platform will arrive sometime next year, 2023. Cam’s other blockchain entity, Nemesis Downfall Studios, is a “Play-to-Earn” and “Play-to-Own” gaming blockchain platform. Its “Battle Royale” game allows end-user on the ecosystem to purchase “skins,” weapons, and other game assets. Using the $NMSIS NFT token, purchases and other transactions assist gamers in earnings. With conventional games like “Call of Duty” and “Halo,” the end-users don’t own the skins and other gaming tools/assets. The traditional gaming industry generates billions per year. Cam expects these legacy gaming entities to migrate into decentralized blockchain platforms as “Play-to-Earn”/ ”Play-to-Own” gaming demand continues upward. Cam surrounded himself with a team of dedicated individuals he complimented for their successes; he sees a strong future ahead for him and his team. Visit Eternalus Technologies’ Twitter page at, and the on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Nemesis Downfall Studios –

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