Epic Cash’s (CRYPTO: EPIC) ($EPIC) interview with Mike Mumola, Impact Ambassador


New to The Street TV interviews at the Nasdaq Marketplace studio, Mr. Mike Mumola, the Impact Ambassador at Epic Cash (CRYPTO: EPIC) ($EPIC). Talking with TV Host Jane King, Mike explains Epic Cash’s P2P electronic payment system, a decentralized digital currency platform free of commissions. The evolution of Bitcoin since its inception back in 2008, EPIC look at the positive attributes of $BTC and the lack of technological advantages needed. So, in 2019 the founders at Epic Cash looked at the technologies in place for cryptocurrency transactions and saw the opportunity to enhance the “Future of Money” evolution. While using the Mimblewimble protocol, EPIC provides a fully secure, decentralized platform, fully controlled by the end-users for payment transactions. Privacy is a key attribute, making all transactions private; not usually available on other decentralized and legacy centralized networks, which sometimes censor those whose practices seem to be contrary to the mindset of those operating these networks. Mike explains that the EPIC blockchain is only about 2.6 Gigabytes and compares it to the $BTC blockchain being over 380 Gigabytes; the EPIC blockchain ecosystem efficiency makes for better functionalities and transactional speeds. The blockchain allows for mining on cell phones which is usually not possible with other cryptocurrency mining activities, which require expensive hardware solutions. 1.8 billion people worldwide lack access to the modern global financial system, often referred to as the unbankable. The EPIC blockchain ecosystem is ideal for the unbankable because it can use any modern smartphone, allowing anyone with no special training, a “Click of a Bottom,” to make a transaction and earn income through mining. Epic Cash, $EPIC, updated the Bitcoin standard through enhanced modern technologies that improve scalability, accessibility, and privacy – no one can interfere with a transaction. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Epic Cash – https://epic.tech/.

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