Ecological Solutions- VRM BioLogik Group (VRM) presentation by Ken Bellamy, Founder, and Kellie Walters, CEO


VRM BioLogik Group’s Founder, Ken Bellamy, and CEO Kellie Walters, present their Australian Company’s ecological HumiSoil product on New to The Street. Ken explains the science behind the HumiSoil and how the organic conversion of matter and elements occurs. It took the Company over 30 years to develop and deploy the product. Ken explains the chemistry that occurs during the ground swell process, which creates humus, and how that creates more humus. VRM took the naturally occurring processes of decomposition of organic matter and enhanced the speed. The science involved effectively and increased the cycle time of organic breakdown to rebuild nutrient content in the soil. Water is a key catalyst; you cannot create viable, healthy soils without water. VRM BioLogik’s hydrosynthesis technology is a hydrogen oxidation process that retains and increases water content in soil. Kellie Walter, CEO, explains the Company’s XRL8 biological fertilizer, which enhances soils’ nutrient and carbon content. Kellie explains that farmers can strengthen crop yields without adding to their carbon footprint by shipping in fertilizers and other composites. Humisoil and XRL8 can increase crop yields and retain vital nutrients and moisture in soils for a very affordable and sustainable outcome. VRM BioLogik Group’s mission is to restore topsoil’s water content and nutrition for 25% of the globe’s arable lands. The Sustainable Green Team (OTCQX: SGTM) ($SGTM) and VRM BioLogik Group (VRM), are in collaboration to bring VRM’s HumiSoil product into the US Market. Websites: VRM BioLogik Group – and The Sustainable Green Team –

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