Doc.Com’s interview with Charles Nader, CEO


New to The Street tonight welcomes Charles Nader, CEO at, who meets with TV Host Jane King at the Nasdaq MarketSite studio. is a telemedicine company offering video healthcare services while incorporating a blockchain for efficiency and data management. Charles explains that the Company’s mission in providing free, no-cost basic healthcare services to patients seeking doctors, psychologists, and veterinarians. After years of R&D and medical service consultations, Charles was able to develop the blockchain telemedicine platform that can be universally accessible throughout the world. Currently, helps and aids the lives of people in over 20 countries. With 24-hour access, a patient can press a button and immediately receive health consultations. The Company’s business model generates revenues from its prescription sales, over-the-counter products, medical billing services, and ads. If a patient has insurance coverage, charges a small fee for its telemedicine platform. Charles explains how the Company uses blockchain tags for every action made by and for a patient’s care, enabling real-time information and data tracking. The transparencies available through the blockchain platform provide a comprehensive and verifiable health services record that can reduce costs and redundancies and provides better health care management. Charles informed viewers that the Company is rollout a new marketplace and ad platform. Since the blockchain verifies all patient engagements and sales, investors and others can validate the Company’s business matrixes. Charles is looking to take the Company public, working with investment professionals on the best IPO strategy. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit –

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