DLTx’s interview with James Haft, Chairman.


New to The Street TV welcomes James Haft, Chairman at DLTx, who sits down with Host Jane King for his Nasdaq Marketplace in-studio interview. As an investor and expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, James explains the DLTx platform and its objectives. With geopolitical, educational, and economic downswings worldwide, legacy-type systems are no longer working adequately. Decentralized platforms, blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, and P2P payment systems with permissionless access are necessary in today’s chaotic world. Blockchain offers truth without the trust or lack of trust associated with legacy systems. James sees the technology in its earliest stages but is more advanced in adoption rates than the internet back in the 1990s. Scalability is the key to growth and acceptance, which must overcome legal, linguistical, cultural, and other inherent global regulations and issues. The “Killer App” is a must for speedy scalability for blockchain platforms. Owning your data through a cryptographic gateway app that focuses on ownership is necessary for a “Killer App.” James says that a “Killer App” make-up needs to be decentralized, strong connectivity, large storage, continuous routing, and permissionless to be a success. Such an App will change the abuses and limitations currently on in place on Social Media platforms. The DLTx platform creates the infrastructure, networking, and blockchain integrations for fully functional decentralized W3 (Web 3.0) transactions. Using four main stacks, currency – Bitcoin, storage -Filecoin, information relay – Pocket Network, and decentralized wireless – Helium Network, DLTx has the platforms to expand operations as permissionless decentralized W3 growth continues. And the Company, with these stacks, positioned itself to be a significant entity in developing and rolling out a “Killer App.” James, through his contacts in the blockchain industry, will bring other guests on New to The Street TV, who will share their visions, missions, and technological advancements in W3 with viewers. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit DLTx – https://www.dltx.com.

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