Democracy Investments’ (NYSE: DMCY) interview with Julie Cane, CEO/ Co-Founder


Joining New to The Street is Julie Cane, CEO/Co-Founder of Democracy Investments, who talks with TV Host Jane King from the show’s Nasdaq MarketSite studio. During Julie’s years serving in the US Navy as a pilot, her worldwide deployments enlighten her about the value of democratic systems. As such, Julie has seen the diminishing of freedoms imposed through authoritarian governments. In 2020, Democracy Investments launched, intending to create investment products in developing and emerging democratic countries. Using data obtained through a license agreement with the publisher of “The Economist,” The Economist Group, Ltd., Julie, and her colleagues use the Economist’s Democracy Index (EIU) for financial products. Julie tells viewers that democracies are in decline and that over ½ the world’s populations are under authoritarian governments. Democracy Investments created an ETF that tracks a new index that leverages the Economist’s Democracy Index (EIU), giving more investment dollars to emerging and growing democracies, a new way to advance democracy worldwide. The Company’s Democracy Investment International Index takes the Solactive GBS Global Markets All-World Ex US Index. It overlays that data with the EIU Democracy Index (Economist’s Intelligence Unit), which created a proprietary methodology for a new index, that is a product of market capitalization and democracy scores. The resulting data gives higher weights to democratic countries than those under authoritarian regimes. The Democracy International ETF Fund (NYSE: DMCY) is a Global Markets Ex United States Large & Mid Cap international equity portfolio weighted by democracy growth and market capitalization. The fund enables investors to allocate more into democracies, thereby shifting capital flows toward democratic countries and away from authoritarian governments. The on-screen QR code is available during the show to download more info or visit Democracy Investments – Carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, risk factors, charges, and expenses before investing.

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