Cryptocurrency NFTrade’s (Crypto:NFTD) ($NFTD) interview Mr. Ori Levi, CEO


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On New to The Street T.V., host Jane King’s in-studio NASDAQ interview with Mr. Ori Levi, CEO, NFTrade (Crypto:NFTD) ($NFTD), explains the Company’s business platform of creating, buying, selling, trading, and swapping NFTs. As an aggregator, not a stand-alone platform, NFT owners can trade NFTs universally on their system. Mr. Levi explains NFTrade’s ability to connect art creators and traders in a value-added process using NFT, which changes the traditional legacy platform on art sales. The value proposition on NFT assets can be both structured and volatile, and he gives examples of the trend in worldwide acceptances in NFTs. In contrast, the daily dollar value in NFT trades exceeds all of 2020 in its entirety. The growth of NFT will continue, and NFTTrade, Inc. believes they are able to take advantage of the NFT acceptance on all types of asset values.

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