Cryptocurrency- FLR Finance’s interview with Nik Christodoulakis, CEO.


From the New York Stock Exchange studio, New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King interviews Nik Christodoulakis, CEO of FLR Finance. As a blockchain software Company, FLR Finance develops software for consumers and businesses, helping them understand and utilize blockchain technology and Web 3 platforms. The Company has five decentralized products available, allowing users to access DeFi ecosystems. Nik told viewers that three more products are coming online before the end of 2022. The FLR Finance products focus on blockchain solutions, decentralization exchange, and NFT marketplace trades. The data-driven technology using their blockchain software provides easy-to-understand data that individuals and businesses can use. Accountants, marketing professionals, and software developers use the FLR Finance blockchain data to get real-time information. When fully deployed, the FLR product will allow customers to own their data, held in their custody on the encrypted blockchain ledger. Nik expects FLR’s NFT marketplace to actively convert traded NFTs into shipped physical goods. With more and more end-users becoming involved in blockchain transactions and Web 3.0 protocols, FLR Finance sees upward growth from end-users participation in its ecosystem. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit FLR Finance –

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