Cryptocurrency EQIFI’s (Crypto:EQX )($EQX) interview Mr. Brad Yasar, CEO


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Mr. Brad Yasar, Chief Executive Officer at EQIFI (Crypto: EQX )($EQX) arrives on this week’s New to The Street T.V. show talking with T.V. Host Jane King. Viewers learn about EQIFI’s digital platform, which merges traditional banking with a decentralized finance (DEFI) alternative. He explains the difference and cumbersome method with conventional banking transactions and why EQIFI’s product led the DEFI industry. With blockchain and the EQX token, end-users see transparency, efficiencies, and timely financial transactions when using essential EQIFI products. With 4-main products, Fixed Rate Borrowing/Lending, Variable Rate Borrowing/Lending, Interest Rate Swaps, and Yield Aggregator, clients can expect confidence, comfort, and ease of use with their financial transactions. He recommends everyone create an account, get acquainted with the EQX token, take advantage of their 24/7 customer service, and just start seeing how EQUIF’s DEFI platform performs. EQIFI users can get a Global Secured MasterCard, including a virtual card, for online transactions. The Company wants to change lives by providing fair and easy-to-use DEFI options to the masses, simplifying asset management, lending, borrowing, and making derivatives on crypto safe and easy.

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