Corporate Law Firm – Anthony L.G., PLLC’s interview with Laura Anthony, Founding Partner


New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King talks with Laura Anthony, a corporate and securities attorney from the firm Anthony L.G., PLLC. For over 23 years and as a founding partner, Laura has offered legal services for small to medium size public and private corporations. The firm can assist in all types of business transactions. A going public transaction is a big deal for any company, and Laura explains why and how companies go public. There are several advantages to being public: liquidity, access to capital markets, higher industry valuations, attracting key C-Suite executives, and possibly larger public company takeovers. IPO (Initial Public Offerings), reverse mergers, and direct listings are three ways to go public. Stock option plans are another great reason for being public; they attract the right talent and give employees ownership of a company. The required US SEC financial reporting requirements give investor transparency on a company’s operations which are not available if private. The different ways of going public provide various strategies to access capital markets, offering investors investment strategies. Laura says a successful company needs to execute on its business model, grow revenues and attract the right people regardless of whether an entity is public or private. Good communications, effective investor relations, research firms, and business shows like New to the Street benefit a public company. If you need a seasoned corporate and securities law firm, contact Laura Anthony, Anthony L.G., PLLC. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Anthony L.G., PLLC –

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