ClickStream Corporation


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ClickStream Corporation is a technology company. The Company is focused on developing applications and digital platforms that disrupt conventional industries. Clickstream is developing WinQuik, a free-to-play synchronized mobile application and digital gaming platform. The platform is designed to enable WinQuik users to have fun, interact and compete in order to win real money and prizes. WinQuik offers up to five daily games of multiplayer quizzes. The Company develops HeyPal application, a global social language learning community that allows users to learn new languages by chatting and sharing content with people from different countries and cultures around the world for a combination of cash, stock, and investment. HeyPal helps its users to learn a new language by matching them together with native speakers of their target language. HeyPal also has many social media features, including posts and media uploading to language boards, allowing users to post original content.