BlueSparrow Token’s (CRYPTO: BLUESPARROW) ($BLUESPARROW) (a division of BlueBit, Ltd.- BlueBit Exchange) interview with Terri-Leigh Bennett, Operational Manager.


New to The Street TV’s Host/Multi-media Journalist Ana Berry welcomes Terri-Leigh Bennett, Operational Manager at BlueSparrow Token (CRYPTO: BLUESPARROW) ($BLUESPARROW) (a division of BlueBit, Ltd.- BlueBit Exchange). Launched in October 2021, the BlueSparrow Token helps people worldwide, regardless of social-economic status, and is inclusive and diverse. As a first-of-its-kind token with a three-layered reward system, Terri-Leigh explains the ecosystem with 7-daily drawings, giving away crypto winnings. Founded on a mission to help people understand crypto and feel more comfortable about the cryptocurrency industry, BlueSparrow presents an opportunity to win crypto. In the last 8-months, winners received $600,000 in total pay-outs. Terri-Leigh explains that wallet owners’ chances of winning are 2555 times yearly based on seven daily drawings. A Defi wallet funded with 250 BlueSparrow Tokens is all one needs to participate in these daily drawings. The more wallets controlled by an end-user, the more chances to win. Drawings occur daily, regardless of market gyrations. The token supply is 100M, currently priced at approximately $0.14. The tokenomics is a 1% wallet fee broken down into three sectors: 0.2% draw fund, 0.4% award Fund, and 0.4% charity fund. The charity fund built a school and water tower in Kenya and another school in the Middle East. Terri-Leigh told viewers that citizens in these areas expressed gratitude that BlueSparrow accomplished more to help them than their governments. The charity fund grows as the ecosystem attracts more users, allowing BlueSparrow’s management to take on more humanitarian projects. BlueSparrow trades on twelve (12) exchanges, including the BlueBit Exchange, and is the native token for the exchange. After many beta tests, Terri-Leigh informed viewers that an NFT exchange, called BlueBit NFT Marketplace, is coming online soon. The ecosystem community is the essential aspect of BlueSparrow; it creates a robust community of individuals who all share the same philosophy, helping people understand the endless opportunities in the crypto marketplace and win crypto as they become educated and confident. Join BlueSparrow, and download the wallet at BlueBit Exchange or Apple App Store – Give yourself seven (7) chances a day to win! The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit BlueSparrow Token –

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