Blue Castle Ventures LTD.’s (CRYPTO: BCVD) ($BCVD) interviews with David Rojas, CEO/Founder, and Hernando Rangel, Safety Coordinator, Con-Pro Industries Canada, LTD


From the Nasdaq MarketSite studio, TV Host Jane King interviews David Rojas, Chief Executive Officer / Founder of Blue Castle Ventures, LTD. (CRYPTO: BCVD) ($BCVD) (“Blue Castle”), and Hernando Rangel, Safety Coordinator of Con-Pro Industries Canada, LTD. Blue Castles Ventures provides asset-backed financial products to clients in Canada and worldwide. Hernando talks about being a personal client with Blue Castle Ventures. Starting in 2020, Hernando began his relationship with David Rojas and Blue Castle Ventures, which positively changed his and his wife’s lives. The financial platform introduced to Hernando has allowed him to overcome the fear of not having enough money. David explains that Hernando is one of many clients that have succeeded with Blue Castle. Traders at Blue Castle are professionals who help many meet their financial goals. Hernando endorsed the financial platform that significantly benefits his financial objectives, and he now looks to capitalize on his current investment holdings in other investment mediums. David explains more about his Company’s ecosystem, which creates financial value for clients, seeks to mitigate investment risks, and looks to make good returns on monies invested. Blue Castle Ventures LTD. does not trade cryptocurrencies nor carry out transactions or investments with cryptocurrencies. All the Company’s operations are in US dollars. The Company’s blockchain, $BCVD, is a cryptography and security system. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Blue Castle Ventures LTD. –

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