Blockchain Gaming- Dubbz’s interviews with Kevin Webster, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)/Co-Founder, and Estiven Rojo, Chief Legal Officer.


Dubbz’s Kevin Webster, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)/Co-Founder, and Estiven Rojo, Chief Legal Officer, are at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. is a blockchain gaming platform and infrastructure provider that offers a Web 3.0 gaming platform for the next generation of gamers. Kevin informs viewers that Dubbz’s Web3-as-as-Service (W3aaS) is the most significant development at the Company. Even though the core focus remains on creating exciting gaming ecosystems, the Company saw a need to assist other gaming entities in improving operational efficiency. Legal compliance, payment services, and technology limitations have caused Web3 and legacy gaming companies operating losses. Dubbz’s W3aaS can fully integrate into a client gaming platform, improving performance and user experiences. Web2 and Web3 end-users complain about in-game ads and apps and how payments are sent on “Pay-to-Play” platforms, all resolved with Dubbz W3aaS. Kevin says developers would rather not deal with a lot of the back-office technology and want to concentrate on the gaming experience, which they can now do using W3aaS. Dubbz is bridging traditional gaming and Web3 ecosystems through innovative monetization and seamless Web3 onboarding. Estiven Rojo, Chief Legal Officer, discusses legal compliance concerns across the industry and how Dubbz remains diligent on current blockchain/crypto cases involving the US Securities and Exchange Commission and pending favorable legislation from the US Congress. develops and deploys blockchain innovations for gaming platforms and offers clients Web3-as-as-Service (W3aaS). The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit –

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