Blockchain Gaming- Dubbz’s interviews with Estiven Rojo, Chief Legal Office


Tonight, from the Nasdaq MarketSite, Estiven Rojo, Chief Legal Officer of, is with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. is a blockchain-based infrastructure provider and gaming discoverability platform offering skill-based wagering and competitive gameplay. As a Web 3.0 gaming platform, Dubbz is revolutionizing the competitive gaming market with tools that can help developers and existing gaming platforms with monetization tools and offer players reward incentives for gaming skill sets. The Dubbz web3 gaming marketplace will merge traditional AAA titles and blockchain-based games into the same platform and give blockchain games the closer to even playing field they need to help drive adoption. Estiven explains the significance of using USDC (US dollar-backed) stablecoin as’s backbone for its platform. Developers and players can quickly deposit and withdraw USDC across several crypto networks. The Company’s partnership with Circle further adds confidence to end-users, knowing that an internationally reputable payment service provider is available with Dubbz. As Chief Legal Officer, Estiven ensures that Dubbz’s platform and services adhere to the existing and most up-to-date legal frameworks available and monetary transactional rules and regulations. Dubbz is not a gambling entity but a skill-based gaming platform for players and developers. This distinction is vital because winning outcomes are not reliant on “chance” but on skills, not considered gambling. Recent blockchain/crypto legal cases that involve Grayscale, Coinbase, and Ripple provide insight into regulatory actions pursued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Such actions and outcomes provide Dubbz with more information on what is needed to be a fully compliant and secure platform, which builds confidence for developers and gamers. The StableCoin TRUST Act, a US Congressional bill pending approval, will help entities like Dubbz get a clear regulatory framework to ensure growth, stability, compliance, and end-user confidence. Estiven and the rest of the team at Dubbz will continue to build upon its existing platform, offering Web3-as-as-Service (W3aaS) while being fully transparent and legally compliant. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit –

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