BEEMUP’s (CRYPTO: YOM ($YOM) interview, Mr. Alex van der Bann, CEO/Co-founder.


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New to the Street TV welcomes Mr. Alex van der Bann, CEO/Co-Founder, BEEMUP (CRYPTO: YOM) ($YOM), for his NASDAQ in-studio interview with Anchor Jane King. Alex provides information about the evolution of the metaverse and how that evolution involves BEEMUP. Young and old become more involved in the metaverse, and BEEMUP links virtual experiences with its NFT, $YOM (Your Open Metaverse) utility token. Individuals and corporations can create a metaspace virtual branding of goods and services. Since the innovation of the blockchain and the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, exponentially, DeFi transactions remain extraordinary. Alex explains the need for more reliability and transparency in the NFT space, paramount for further acceptance in the tokenization of assets and the transfer of those tokens’ values. BEEMUP’s $YOM token provides a unique marriage of the metaverse and NFT, using its reliable platform to create exclusive trades, perks, abilities, and rewards. BEEMUP gives a creative outlet for virtual brand identity and launches “BEEMUP” into the metaverse.

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