B2B Digital, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: BTDG) interview with Mr. Greg Bell, CEO


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Greg Bell, Chief Executive Officer, B2B Digital, Inc. (OTCPINK: BTDG), talks with New to The Street T.V.’s host Jane King, about the Company’s “Premier Vertically Integrated” LIVE event sports. With a focus on growing a minor league division for the professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights, Mr. Bell explains to the T.V. viewers the Company’s three primary targets on growth: 1). build and grow its minor league fight presence as a farming platform for the MMA, particularly UFC – “Ultimate Fight Championship” league; 2). expand the footprint of its “One More Gym” facilities providing training for fighters and individuals, and 3). increase the distribution outlets of its digital media production of BFDG’s fights. Mr. Bell explains the revenue modeling of the Company based on 50 fights over 60 months and talks about the cross-marketing on its Pay-Per-View platform, live ticket sales, and food/beverage sales. He gives examples of how fight fans can then pay for memberships at their “One More Gym” facilities where their fighters train, getting the same fitness experience as the Company’s fighters. Shareholder proposition for investors who understand the micro-cap space remains exciting, and Mr. Bell promises to deliver updated information regarding the Company’s growth to both current and future shareholders in the near term.

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