Award-winning actor Gary Sinise visits New to the Street to discuss his Foundation


Award-winning Actor Mr. Gary Sinise arrives for the first time on New to The Street, speaking with Anchor Jane King about his charity, Gary Sinise Foundation. For the past ten years, Gary explained the charity’s mission and dedication to military veterans and first responders, helping those who dedicated their lives to defending and helping others. The history of the Foundation, rooted in his family ties who have served in major US wars, the charity’s programs provides for those with debilitations who cannot take care of themselves and loved ones. Before filming the award-winning movie Forrest Gump, Gary worked with Vietnam Veterans in Chicago. He built relationships with those who served while running his theatrical venue in Chicago back in the 1980s. In his book, “Grateful America,” he explains his passion and calling to help others and how the Gary Sinise Foundation evolved from his many decades volunteering in various charitable organizations. Viewers can donate at

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