Akash Network’s (CRYPTO:AKT) ($AKT) interview with Mr. Greg Osuri CEO.


See the full episode at: https://newtothestreet.com/new-to-the-street-228-september-12-2021

Joining New to The Street TV with host Jane King is Mr. Greg Osuri, CEO at Akash Network (CRYPTO:AKT) ($AKT). He discusses the reasons for this crypotocurrency’s growth. Mr. Osuri gives the televised viewers insight on reasons why 85% of the cloud base technology platform is not used. Further, he explains that Akash takes this unused capacity and makes it accessible and low-cost to high-tech developers. With programmers and platform developers from the smallest of youthful individuals to those high-tech professionals, Mr. Osuri explains that the Akash Networks provides an “Open Source” decentralized cloud base access, giving users efficacies and efficiencies. During the interview, Mr. Osuri gives examples of global entities in NFT/ gaming, collaboration groups and “WordPress” site developers, all of which enjoy the simplicity and scalability of Akash Network. He talks about AKT as a utility token, powering the Akash Network as the world’s first open-source cloud.

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