Acurx Phamaceuticals, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: ACXP) ($ACXP) interview with David Luci, President / CEO


From the New to The Street’s Nasdaq Marketsite studio, David Luci, the President / CEO at Acurx Phamaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACXP) ($ACXP), talks with TV Host Jane King about the Company’s clinical biopharmaceutical business developing a new class of antibiotics for bacterial infections. The Company is developing potential treatments for Clostridioides difficile Infections (CDI) (C. diff) and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria. ACXP’s novel Ibezapolstat drug for C. diff show restoration of a healthy microbiome in patients on day three out of the ten-day treatment period. David also told viewers that patients in the study had increased their secondary bio acids, which is vital in reducing the potential for C. diff relapse infection. The current frontline treatment of Vancomycin has limitations, with 20% or higher rates of C. diff recurrence. David believes reduced microbiome and bio acids could have been why Sanofi and Pfizer abandoned their vaccine studies. ACXP’s Ibezapolstat, currently in FDA Phase 2b trial, is showing consistent solid results. Annually, C. diff infects an estimated 500,000 people and kills about 30,000. Many catch the infection in hospitals and nursing homes. The Company is seeking a $16M non-dilutive grant to continue the development of its second drug, ACX-375C, a potential drug to overcome MRSA infections. Other available grants and federally funded programs can pay up to 70% of the research and development of the drugs and reimbursements on FDA Phase 3 trials. David expects a robust forthcoming 2023 with all the positive ongoings, and he will be back on future shows updating viewers. The on-screen QR code is available during the show; download or visit Acurx Pharmaceticals, Inc. –

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