’s CEO Seth Farbman with Ken Evseroff is a unique online platform that allows stockholders to obtain a Signature Guarantee for the transfer of securities through digital signature. The company is a member of the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP). According to CEO Seth Farbman was the first company to try and combine the regulation and compliance of the securities medallion with an online solution to help shareholders. As Farbman points out “traditionally the average shareholder who wanted to transfer stock or a 401k or an IRA would be able to just walk into a bank and obtain their medallion grantee by showing their drivers license. However, over the last two years banks have stopped offering this service and have limited the value of that medallion to a hundred thousand.”

                                   ’s CEO Seth Farbman with Ken Evseroff on the set of New To The Street



Shareholders can now use service online and have their identity validated and securities transferred. is also partnered with HelloSign for a validated digital signature. Signature Guarantee available through our their website at Contact, 1-844-782-6763 #esignatureguarantee, #signatureguarantee