PetVivo President John Lai with Anchor Ken Evseroff on the set of New To The Street 

Earlier this fall we spoke with PetVivo President John Lai, on his emerging biomedical device company that is focused on the licensing and commercialization of innovative therapies for pets. Lai has developed a product called Kush Canine that addresses the treatment of osteoarthritis for both dogs and horses. According to Lai, PetVivo’s approach is quite different than their competitors who are trying to formulate a better inset with anti-inflammatories that have a lot of side-effects. Our approach is to examine the problem instead of just addressing the symptoms. Says Lai, “The problem with osteoarthritis is basically bone on bone contact in its simplest form. Our product Kush Canine is particles that we inject into any joint in the case of elbows and knees. When the particles go in they basically separates the two joins and mimics cartilage. That’s why the product is called Kush Canine- it cushions impact. Once that happens the bone is elevated, pain reduced dramatically, and there is a great increase in mobility of your dog or horse.”

PetVivo President John Lai being interviewed by Anchor Ken Evseroff on the set of New To The Street


PetVivo is public under the symbol PETV. You can reach the company at their website here: Contact: 952-405-6216 #PetVivo, #kushcanine